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 thatlesbiannudistcult on Dec 16 2018 05:42

Have you ever felt like you don’t really have a home, eventhough you have a roof over your head, a bed to sleep in, a toilet thatflushes, and all the other things you take for granted? Maybe because you thinkit’s only a matter of time before your landlord evicts you for some stupidreason, your roommate is pissing you off, you’re beginning to suspect yourneighbors might be criminals, or because the black hole in your parking lotlooks like it’s getting bigger. That’s kind of how I feel right now, at leaston the blogosphere.

I’ve tried looking at all the assorted Tumblr alternativesto see what would be a worthy home for That Lesbian Nudist Cult, and none ofthem impress me. Some are little more than gigantic bins for people to throwtheir digital porn stashes on. Others are more about people who share certainkinks to hook up on. Too many are buggy pieces of shit that don’t seem to doanything right. And others I…just plain don’t trust. There really is no otherplace where I can do the kind of “worldbuilding” I set out to achievewith That Lesbian Nudist Cult, and I need to do more than just pictures withtext stamped on them to achieve that.

For now, I’ll likely just post what I can over at just so that fans can peruse and savethe captions they like even after they’re taken down from tumblr. It’s painlessto use, there are no pop-up ads, or at least I haven’t been subject to any, andyou don’t even need to register to see anything on the site.

I can still post stories, both here and elsewhere, and Ireally just want to get back to doing that after being away from my writing forso long. Hopefully, I’ll find a new place to past my captioned pics and giveyou all repeated glimpses into a post-Zenrist world. Maybe one of the sites that are in prediction will finish, maybe I’ll just go and make my own like Nude World Order did, but until then, I’drecommend reading my writings over at the sister blog or DeviantArt for that.

 thatlesbiannudistcult on Dec 15 2018 01:57

I move my page to , is an adult dedicated tumblr like service. #tumblrrefugee

 thatlesbiannudistcult on Dec 14 2018 06:10 (from exhibitionistfantasies)


As Tumblr is removing all adult content I started a blog on Mewe. Maybe I’ll see you there. This is my link:

 thatlesbiannudistcult on Dec 11 2018 03:05 (from honedperfection)


Rescue plan - details and FAQ


What is the rescue plan?

  • To register Tumblr users on a new blogging site
  • To transfer existing content from Tumblr to the new site
  • To retain, sustain and build communities
  • To give an overall similar experience to Tumblr (the old Tumblr before 2018!)
  • To avoid the pitfalls of the current Tumblr

What must each user do?

  • Wait for the official announcement of the new site
  • Register on the new site (will need an email and password)
  • If the user wants, click a button to transfer blog content from Tumblr to the new site
  • Between now and December 17th, do not change your blogname or delete your blog from Tumblr

Timing and next steps

When and where will the new site be announced?

Next few days. I will announce it on and on

Why not announce the site now?

The site needs to be prepped for large numbers of Tumblr users to join, and for all their content to be transferred. It needs to be done in a way which does not disrupt the site’s existing community of users. New user registration on the site needs to be temporarily switched off so that only an authorised transfer from Tumblr is possible: this way, popular Tumblr user’s names cannot be taken (name squatting).

“I need the site name now so I can check it out”

Sorry, the site name will not be given to anyone in advance, no exceptions. It will be announced to everyone at the same time.

“I am anxious about missing the announcement”

Follow and and you will not miss it. Also, it will be widely reblogged when it happens. You will have several days to join the new site and transfer your blog safely before December 17th, so do not worry.

Is there an advantage to transferring early?

Depending on user numbers transferring across, there may be an advantage in being one of the first to transfer - for example if very large numbers (millions) of people want to transfer all at the same time, the transfer process will slow down. Some people may prefer to wait until they see if other blogs they follow have transferred. Either way, do not leave it until the very last minute, for example do not wait until after midnight on Sunday December 16th. We do not know what time exactly Tumblr’s intended December 17th cut-off will apply.

Do I need to take action before December 17th?

If your blog contains NSFW content which you want to transfer to the new site - either for permanent community viewing or because it is too difficult for you to download it all - then you should transfer your blog to the new site before Monday, December 17th. (It is possible that in some cases transfers will still work OK even after December 17th, but we cannot be sure until after that date is already past, so better safe than sorry.)

If your blog has no posts - or if your blog on Tumblr has no NSFW content - then you can register on the new site after December 17th without urgency. I mean, if you want to use the new site and view blogs on there, but you do not want to transfer your own Tumblr blog content across, then in this case, you can register as a user on the new site even after December 17th, so there is no rush.

Do I need to be a registered user on the new site to preview content there?

You can browse the whole site freely in this first week, even if not a registered user. But later in December it will be changed so that, after that time, only registered users will be able to browse the NSFW content.

What date and time will the new site be announced, exactly?

When it’s ready. The original hoped date was December 9th or 10th but that has had to change for technical reasons. The announcement is now expected to be on December 11th or 12th, not later than that.

Why is it taking so long?

I think it is taking an amazingly short time for a project of this scale. A team of very smart developers is working on it as quickly as humanly possible. Moving one user over to a new blog is easy, moving hundreds of thousands or millions is a large scale project.

How will I know if blogs I follow have transferred?

Every blog transferring will tell you that on their own Tumblr blog, and will provide a link to the new blog. (If a Tumblr blog is deleted or deactivated, then you will not see this but you can maybe try searching for the same blogname on the new site - or ask other community members where it has gone.)

SUGGESTION: It would be wise for you, today, to make a note of the exact names of all the Tumblrs you follow - maybe take a screenshot - to increase your chance of finding these blogs later if they get deleted or deactivated on Tumblr.

About the new site

Describe the new site

It’s a blogging site similar to Tumblr. If you like Tumblr you will like it. It has - in my opinion - better visual design than Tumblr.

What types of communities are on the new site?

All types of communities are there, including general subjects such as photography, fashion, art, food as well as nudity and other NSFW. When our Tumblr communities move to the new site, you should be able to find the same commmunity there so Tumblr users should feel right at home :)

Will the new site support minorities?

Definitely yes, the new site strongly believes in creating a positive and open environment for all.

How will minorities be protected from hate speech on the new site?

Hate speech is unacceptable on the new site and will be subject to disciplinary action. Blogs themed on racism or anti-Semitism will not be tolerated on the new site.

What is allowed on the new site

Is the new site for BDSM, d/s or other groups?

The new site is a general blogging site for everybody, similar to Tumblr. All groups, including the groups listed in this question, are very welcome. Importantly, the site is not only for these groups. One of the best aspects of Tumblr is that as a general blogging site, members can explore and learn about all their different interests in one place, including ‘dipping their toe’ into new areas. Human beings are not one-dimensional.

How about LGBT?

Blogs with LGBT content are welcome and warmly encouraged.

Will all forms of NSFW content be allowed on the new site?

Every type of NSFW content is allowed, except for illegal content such as child pornography and zoophilia (bestiality). Posting child pornography or zoophilia - or transferring existing posts of those things from Tumblr - will result in account bans and legal action.

Specifically, is my blog going to be acceptable on the new site?

Partial or full nudity and depictions of all types of human sexual acts are allowed, so long as all participators are over 18 years old. If it was allowed on Tumblr prior to December 2018, it will be allowed on the new site. (Except hate speech: racism and hate speech are not allowed on the new site.)

Is anything not acceptable?

As already said, child pornography and zoophilia are never acceptable and will result in takedowns and account bans. In addition, depictions of serious crime (examples: death, mutilation, rape) or incitation to crime may result in action depending on the context. For example journalist reporting of actual news or events is acceptable, art is acceptable. Imagery of hardcore BDSM between consenting adults is acceptable. Imagery of simulation or role-play by consenting adults (example: forced sex fantasies) is acceptable.

How will you know the difference between all these things?

Anything borderline will be reviewed by humans. Humans are good at knowing the difference between what is acceptable and what is not.

How will you ensure there is no child pornogaphy on the site?

We will use a combination of several methods known to be effective. Details will not be discussed: discussion will only help the perpetrators.

Are Lolita and dd/lg relationships and erotica with these themes permitted on the site?

Yes, so long as in all images the persons shown are in fact over 18 years old. Dressing up or role-playing a relationship where one partner is more experienced is allowed. As above, any borderline case will be reviewed by humans. Humans are good at knowing the difference between acceptable and legal art, on the one hand, and illegal child pornography, on the other hand.

I have 1000 posts on my Tumblr and I think one of them might show a 16-17 year old

If you know that your post shows an under-age person in a nude, suggestive or sexual context, please avoid trouble for yourself later and delete this post now. The rule is simple: over 18 is acceptable, under 18 is not.

What about porn bots?

Commercial and other spam is not permitted on the new site. Porn bots - of all kinds - are basically a form of spam. They are quite easily detected and blocked when found.

Any other rules for NSFW content?

The new site has one simple rule: all NSFW material must be flagged as NSFW by the poster. Similar to Tumblr’s “sensitive” setting, either the whole blog or one individual post can be set to NSFW by the user.

What does NSFW mean?


How will the transfer to the new site work?

The new site will have a registration page and a button to transfer your blog.. You can also choose to register your name without transferring your blog content. Click the transfer button, and your blog content will be automatically transferred. Note the content transfer is a slow process, it takes a few minutes, or longer for large blogs.

What if I have multiple blogs on Tumblr (secondary blogs)?

Your secondary blogs can also be transferred, you can choose which blogs are transferred and which not. You will be given a separate username and login on the new site for each blog transferred. You will need a different email address for each account, so if you have several Tumblr blogs you might want to go create some new email addresses for yourself now.

(Pro tip: if you have a gmail account then you can add extra dots in the address to make new email addresses for yourself which all go to the exact same valid gmail account. For example, an email to will go to Try it for yourself!)

Can I continue to use Tumblr after transferring to the new site?

Yes of course - though presumably, you will not be posting new NSFW content on your Tumblr?

Your Tumblr blog will remain (unless you deactivate it) and you can still post on Tumblr. Your new posts on Tumblr will not be transferred to the new site: the new site is a snapshot of your existing Tumblr blog on the day you click the transfer button.

What post types are transferred?

Photo posts, GIFs, Photosets, Text or HTML posts and Quote posts will be transferred. Bare links (with no text) will not be transferred. Videos and audio recordings will not be transferred, sorry - you will need to download those from Tumblr yourself and find a home for them elsewhere.

What about asks, submissions, chat and user comments on my posts?

These cannot be transferred to the new site, sorry. If these posts do not contain images, they can probably stay on Tumblr even after December 17th?

I am a photographer, will the source be credited?

“Source:” labels on Tumblr posts will not be transferred to the new site. This is for technical reasons and because in our experience they are not used in a consistent way - for example, some users state their own Tumblr blog as the source, for self-promoting reasons. Also, it can be said that Tumblr is the source for all transferred content on the new site.

If you are a photographer and you want a credit or link to your own professional website (or your Instagram/500px/Flickr) please include this credit in the photo caption.

What about all my reblogs?

Posts which you have reblogged so that they are visible on your own blog will be transferred and visible on the new site, this is part of the transfer of your blog to the new site. If the original poster also transfers their Tumblr blog to the new site then your reblogs will be shown as reblogs on the new site. If the original poster does NOT transfer their blog to the new site then your reblog, over there, will seem like an original post.

What about my Tumblr Queue?

Posts in your Queue, and Drafts, will not be transferred to the new site: only actual published posts will be transferred. If you want to transfer posts in your Queue, go through your Queue on Tumblr’s dashboard and select Publish Now. Do this before transferring to the new site. Or, you could just wait a day or two for all your Queued posts to be published.

I have 20000 posts on my Tumblr, how do I set them all to NSFW?

Easiest for you is to set up your whole blog as NSFW when you transfer it. Or if your blog has mixed content, some SFW and some NSFW, you can set individual posts as NSFW. A lenient approach will be taken during the first month, as we know it takes time to get this right for a large amount of content.

Can the new site automatically copy my Tumblr “sensitive content” setting for each post?

No, sorry, that is not possible.

Social features

What about all my Likes?

Other people’s posts you have liked on Tumblr (but not reblogged) will not be transferred to the new site. These cannot be transferred, because they are not your own posts - they are another blog’s posts. If you want to transfer likes, you will need to reblog them now to your own Tumblr blog before transferring your blog to the new site. Note that Tumblr has a daily post limit of 250 posts or reblogs, so this will limit your ability to reblog likes, so maybe choose only the best ones?

Another option is for you to suggest to all the blogs you follow that they transfer to the new site :)

What if I liked a post on xyz Tumblr blog, and the blog xyz transfers to the new site also?

Even in this situation your ‘Like’ will not be copied across to the new site, because you did not yet Like the post on the new site. You will need to go find blog xyz on the new site, and like the post they have over there. I know it would be amazing if all your Likes can just be copied across to the new site so that it becomes exactly the same as Tumblr, but that is not possible in the short time available to December 17th.

I have a popular blog with many likes, reblogs and followers, how will those be transferred?

Same answer as above. It would be nice if all these connections can be transferred, but it cannot be done in the time available - users must start again with fresh likes and followers on the new site. If you have a popular blog on Tumblr and you give your followers your blog name on the new site (probably the same name as here on Tumblr, but that’s up to you) then your followers will find you over there easily enough.

It upsets me that all my past interactions with other people here on Tumblr will be lost

The whole community is upset, angry and dismayed about this. To take a positive approach: the people and the content you like will hopefully be transferring to the new site, and if the people are there, the community will remain and rebuild new links in future: that’s the most important thing.

Future plans

Will the new site offer reblogging and commenting?

The new site - which has millions of existing users with blogs already - currently has a Like function but not a Reblog function. A Reblog function will be added as soon as possible so that Tumblr users should feel right at home. This is likely to be after December 17th. Before December 17th, the priority is simply transferring blogs safely.

Will the new site offer Asks, Submissions, and Fanmail (messaging)?

Not at first. In the months ahead, new community features will be added, these features may not be exactly the same as Tumblr (they may be better!)

Will the new site offer themes?

The new site offers layout options for your posts, but not full page themes like Tumblr. Themes are a feature that will probably be added some time in future.

Any other plans for the new site?

The new site is good already, and over time will be looking to add all the features needed to create a “best in class” blogging community.

Transfer process details

How will I know when my blog is successfully transferred to the new site?

When the transfer process is complete, the transfer tool will automatically create a new post on your Tumblr blog, giving your followers the name of your new blog at the new site. This post will be in English. If you want this information shown in a different language, you can edit the post yourself in your Tumblr dashboard (maybe keep the English text also, for your international followers, so that there are two languages.) When this post appears in your Tumblr blog it is also a confirmation that your posts are safely stored on the new site and will become visible on the new site over the days ahead.

IMPORTANT: this notification of successful transfer will be added as a post in your posts Queue on Tumblr, not your published posts. This is to allow you to edit the notification as you want, before your followers see it. If your Queue on Tumblr is already filled then this post will be near the end of the Queue, so you might want to move it to the top of the Queue!

I clicked the transfer button and I have not yet received a notification of a completed transfer

Go check your posts Queue on Tumblr. If you are not seeing the notification within a few minutes after clicking the transfer button, try refreshing the posts Queue: the notification will be at the end. If you have a very large blog please be aware it may need more than a few minutes to complete the transfer, so if you don’t see it immediately don’t worry, just check again after an hour or so.

Will I be able to see my posts on the new site immediately?

After you are notified of a completed transfer, the posts will still take time to become actually visible on your blog on the other site. Similar to Queued posts on Tumblr, posts take time to be published - but faster than Tumblr, it should normally be several thousand posts appearing per day. In very busy periods (large numbers of users transferring) your posts may appear at a slower rate, but if you have been notified of a complete transfer, you can be sure that your posts will appear eventually.

What if there are too many users transferring all at the same time?

Your blog posts transferred from Tumblr will be safely stored, even if the new site is extremely busy - we are expecting it to be busy! At peak times, posts will appear on your new blog at a slower rate, but all your transferred posts will eventually appear.

My blog here has over 250,000 different posts, will those all be transferred?

Blogs with large follower numbers on Tumblr will have all their posts transferred. Blogs with low numbers of followers on Tumblr, but very high numbers of posts, may be capped at a certain number of posts (the newest posts will be transferred). This is for fairness to other users: it would not be fair to spend all the transfer resources on one person’s huge blog. Again, if there was more time until December 17th, more could be done, but as things are the time available has to be allotted in the fairest way.

How can I be sure this will all happen as described?

Until the new site is announced and your blog is actually transferred then people may feel uncertainty. But please be assured, a team of smart and committed people, who care passionately about the survival of the Tumblr communities, is doing their damnedest to make it happen.


Are transfers of all my posts guaranteed?

Transfers of your blog to any other site are on a ‘best efforts’ basis. There may be changes, for example formatting differences. For technical reasons, some Tumblr posts may be impossible to transfer. Video and audio posts, and 'ask’ and 'submission’ posts and other conversations on Tumblr, will not be transferred.

Will the new site be free?


What languages does the new site have?

Registration page and settings are in English. Your own blog can be in any language.

Will there be an app for my phone?

The new site will be adding iPhone and Android apps some time after December 17th. For now, the new site is easy to browse in a browser on your phone such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

Is there a risk that Apple will take down the new site’s iPhone app in future?

As happened to Tumblr? We hope not. Site rules are designed to ensure the app will remain acceptable to Apple - in the same way that Twitter is acceptable to Apple even though a few Twitter users post porn. Worst case, iPhone and iPad users can always browse the site in a web browser.

Can I help the project?

An experienced team is already working on it, but more help is always appreciated and will allow us to do more in the time. If you are an expert web or full stack developer able to volunteer significant time in the next days, please get in touch with details of your skills and experience.

Why have I not heard of the new site before now?

The internet is a big place! The new site does not do heavy marketing.

Will this FAQ change?

This FAQ is subject to revision to keep it up to date - I may edit this post, so check back at the original to see the latest version. All intended and announced plans are on a 'best efforts’ basis.

Is this FAQ available in other languages?

No, but if you want to translate it to your language on your blog, you are welcome to do that. Please retain links to the original on honedperfection and the rescueplan Twitter so that people can follow updates there.

Been keeping my eyes on this to see where it will go. Assuming it goes anywhere.

 thatlesbiannudistcult on Dec 04 2018 03:45 (from nudeworldordernet)


RIP Tumblr.

I’m sure you all saw the announcement already, but damn. It sure makes me glad I went and set up my own site when I did. I’m hardly an expert or anything, but if anyone wants advice on setting up their own site, feel free to contact me at I’m using (relatively cheap) paid hosting and it’s working pretty well for me so far.

Tumblr says they will give people a chance to move their stuff (a chance I never got, but thankfully I’d made my own backups), but still I think it would be wise to back up your adult blog now. One tool that I’m aware of is TumblThree. That might be useful for saving content from other people’s blogs too. For your own blog, Tumblr also has a built-in export feature, which you can access by going to settings, clicking the name of your blog (even if you have only one) can scrolling to the bottom. It’s also possible to import a tumblr blog from a Wordpress one, though I haven’t done this myself.

Reposting for possibly helpful tool.

 thatlesbiannudistcult on Dec 03 2018 05:50

On December 17, adult content will no longer be allowed on Tumblr. It was fun while it lasted. I gleaned a lot of enjoyment pouring over the many permanent nudity captions that dotted this site made and hosted by the likes of ForeverNakedGirl, Gowk24, NudeWorldWorder, and others that had similar and more sexual themes like Feast for the Goddess and the Isle of Valkyria in both its old and new forms, and making my own spin on the “genre” as it were with my fictional religion of Zenrism.

I’ll keep That Lesbian Nudist Cult open for as long as possible while I figure out where to go with it from here, if I figure out where to go with it from here. In the meantime, I’d recommend downloading and archiving any and all pictures and captions here that you enjoyed, because there’s no telling when and if they’ll ever appear again.

My Zenrist stories will be safe. They will continue to be posted at my Deviantart page at, as well as the ASN Story Board, and likely others places like Literotica. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on that front while I still can, so be sure to make some new bookmarks if you haven’t already.

Thanks for your support, pilgrims. Hopefully, we’ll meet again.

 thatlesbiannudistcult on Dec 03 2018 05:21 (from jamie-les2)

“Mmmm…Stella, what are you doing?”

“Preserving this scene. These are the last moments of my virginity. When people look at me, they’re not going to see ‘Stella the innocent flower.’ They’re going to see 'Stella the complete woman.’ I want at least one image of myself before I make the transition. And I want to capture the face of the one responsible for making it happen!”

“When you put it that way…are you done yet? Good. Now that put that camera away already. I haven’t tasted an untouched flower for so long, and I can’t put it off any longer…”

 #sex #outdoors
 thatlesbiannudistcult on Dec 02 2018 05:27

Carol furrowed her brow in thought. Therewas a chance Henrietta was just talking out of her ass, but there was a soundlogic to her words. If they were both hit with a sudden bout of compulsive exhibitionism,it would indeed make sense that Carol would take it even harder; she wasalready prone to nudity even on her best days. Shaking off a nude…sickness wouldlikely be a lot harder. “So you’re saying I should just wait it out?”she asked.

“Yeah. I’m sure it’ll fade intime,” said Henrietta. “Or you could just convert to Zenrism, andrender the problem moot! That’s what I’d personally suggest!”

“Hmmm…that sounds logical too,”Carol said thoughtfully, moistening her lips as a vision of her strolling aroundnakedly in public began to play out in her head. That would indeed solve a lotof things for her, and make her life a whole lot more interesting.

Read the rest here.

thatlesbiannudistcult on Nov 30 2018 04:20 (from shynudegirls)

“Melrose, I know wearing clothing is getting harder for you to do, but you can’t keep skipping class to run to the locker room and get out of them. I’ve seen it happen before; you’ve delved too deeply into the Scripture of Zenriah and are developing new vestiphobic compulsions. Please stop putting it off; just convert to Zenrism already. Yes, you will have to be nude forever, and yes, I know you’re still embarrassed by it, but it’s the only way you’ll be able to function anymore.”

 #school #hate clothes #non zenrist #cmnf #scripture #enf