Tumblr ⇢ 2mblr


This site transfers and preserves your blog from Tumblr.

Your whole blog is fully available to your Followers here.

(We are now working on improving the browsing experience, and will soon be adding a 'Follow' button.)

Site will re-launch in January 2019 with full community interaction.

Until then your transferred blog is safely stored - but you cannot post new content (yet!)


Registration is as simple as:   1. enter your email   2. agree to all checkboxes   3. click the Register button.

We've had reports of some people having difficulties clicking the Register button in some browsers (including inside Twitter). You can try disabling ad blockers or other browser safety features, these are commonly the reason for this problem. If still not working for you, try in a different browser like Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Blog Management

When you are registered, you should be taken to the Blog Management page: 2mblr.com/manage.   You can bookmark that page to come back to it easily. The page also tells you your login password, you will need that to login to the site in future as a registered user.

Multiple blogs - secondary blogs

All your Tumblr blogs are shown on the management page and all can be transferred here. Each one counts as a separate blog here but with the same user account administering it. Pretty much like Tumblr ... except that we plan to allow you to 'Like' and 'Follow' people using your secondary blogs if you want to. More details to come.

Transferring blogs

Click Transfer to start transferring a blog to this site.

After the transfer is started, normally it takes around 4 minutes before the first posts will appear here. During this 4 minutes, the progress indicator will remain at 0%. After it begins, the transfer is very fast - normally just a few minutes, maybe longer for very large blogs.

So go make a cup of coffee and wait a while. If you refresh the page after some minutes you can see the progress. When the progress has increased to anything greater than 0%, you can view your blog to see what it looks like here.

(We've had reports of a small number of blog transfers looking to be "stuck" at less than 100%. Normally this will fix itself if you wait 1 hour. If it does not fix itself, staff will be aware of the issue and will work to resolve it later.)

Missing posts?

We want to transfer your whole blog to this site. That's not always possible. Some blogs may be missing some posts - especially some older posts can be missing, for various reasons. If the your blog transfer is shown as 100% or "Done" in the Management page but there are still posts missing, then those posts cannot be transferred here, sorry - please download to your own PC and you can post them as fresh content here in future.

Video and audio

Posts with embedded video hosted somewhere like YouTube will transfer correctly to this site. Example of this at girlydancing

GIFs - (these resemble short video clips) - will transfer correctly to this site.

Tumblr's own style of "Video" posts - which hardly anybody ever used - are not transferred here.


Over the next days this site will be adding more features to create a full blogging platform. The priorities are Follows and Likes so that you can start to re-discover the blogs you followed previously - or maybe find something new?

We know that you want other important features like #tag search, that will come in January 2019. There will also - of course - be the ability to create new content for your blog.


The visuals of this site right now can only be described as "basic". Yes, it hurts our eyes too! Please understand that in the urgency of the past few days, the priority has been to create a system for transfer of blogs from Tumblr. As far as we know, we are the only site to offer this. Visual improvements will come next.

Blogs "exported" from Tumblr

Some Tumblr users have been able to export their own blogs from Tumblr as a ZIP file.

It generally was not possible for large blogs (the ZIP file would be too large to download) and even if you have it, there are very few sites that can actually accept that ZIP file.

We cannot currently process these ZIP files, but we will keep the situation under review. It is possible that a system for importing those ZIP files will be added in future here. So if you have a ZIP file, don't go deleting it just yet ... !


In future, this site will carry some advertising or sponsored content to support the site. Like any other large website, we have to cover our costs.

Who is behind this?

This site has been created by a group of individuals who are passionate about the Tumblr community and the varied nature of the community.

What happened to honedperfection?

Tumblr deleted the 'honedperfection' account for reasons that have not been explained. We can guess it was for discussing the rescue plan, even though the account was not in breach of any terms and conditions. Shame on Tumblr for that. Discussion and debate is essential to a healthy community.