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Acceptable Use Policy

We understand that many users were previously using Tumblr and benefiting from its (before 2018) liberal policies and ideals.

Nudity and explicit sexual content are acceptable on this site subject to the following rules.

No child pornography, ever

Any person depicted in sexual or suggestive content must be in fact over 18 years of age. No exceptions.

No zoophilia

Content showing zoophilia (bestiality) is not acceptable. We love animals - but not in that way.

Mark NSFW content

When the site has a feature for marking content NSFW (Not Safe For Work) then you must use it to mark your content correctly so that we can protect people who do not want to see it.

Respect others

This site is for everybody. Please show respect to all users. Blogs themed on racism, anti-Semitism or similar will not be tolerated here - there is no place for this in the 21st century.